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Why a Villa Hotel?

The Caribbean villa experience is and has been fragmented, lacking in standardization and simply too complex, and too time-consuming for the average traveller. This has resulted in a disappointing and less than fulfilling experience for villa owners with a mere 35% occupancy rate as compared to the average hotel which achieves 80% occupancy. If you are a realtor looking to increase your occupancy or you’re now beginning this journey, Villabound is the business partner you need! Villabound, in aggregating these properties under one coherent system with consistent marketing, guest-management and property-management, creates a seamless and efficient mode of connecting the traveller with the villa experience of his/her dreams. We strongly believe in the quality and experience that holiday homes in Barbados, and the Caribbean offer and we believe that with a unique aggressive and cutting edge approach to the management and marketing of each villa, we can realize the true potential of the Villa Industry and close the staggering gap in occupancy rates.

Our Formula

We have a simple formula and that is to provide a great service that increases occupancy and that enables profitable relationships between our villa owners and us.

Behind this simple formula is:

  • An advanced marketing strategy involving the Creation of Great Listings and Personal online marketing through an remarkable platform ( and the most advanced technological integration in the Caribbean Tourist industry;
  • Guest Management, E Concierge and Guest Relationship Services
  • Property Management
  • Powerful Relationships

Marketing Your Villa

Villabound Ltd offers world-class comprehensive marketing and distribution solutions to villa owners to ensure their personal villas can maximize their occupancies and rental yields. Villabound creates an exclusive and unique listing, providing professional photos and an amazing write-up for property descriptions, to capture the attention of guests. There is no cost to join the Villabound suite of properties and no cancellation penalty, as we believe that the Villa Industry has so much to offer you!

Internet Marketing

76% of all travel bookings begin online. This is an amazing statistic and actionable figure. We are aware of the extreme importance of our online presence and we are consistently updating and reinventing our web-platforms. We have partnered with one of the most successful online marketing companies in the world and when you join our suite of villa owners, we will provide the best expertise in marketing services available to give your villa the best chance at amazing occupancy rates. Our team provides these amazing listings to concierge companies and travel agents while we are consistently working at getting your property ranked highly in search engines and exposed in social media.

Our online advertising campaigns are scientifically targeted to reach the audiences that are most likely to convert. All of our advertising is highly targeted and built specifically for our clientele. We aggressively market our collections on target specific websites, which allows us to achieve the maximum amount of exposure for your villa and the highest possible conversion rate. What’s the use of having an amazing product with low occupancy rates?

Niche Marketing

Villabound has its finger on the pulse of the new emerging niche travel markets including photo, culinary and adventure tourism. Our concierge and marketing team come together to host special weekly and biweekly events that bring travellers from all over the world together in one setting to enjoy and improve upon their hobbies.

E Concierge and Guest Relationship Services

To maximize revenue opportunities and achieve the highest possible level of guest satisfaction, Villabound knows that it must engage guests from the moment they book a villa through key touch points before, during and after their stay. With our state of the art guest management system there’s no lapse in communication between reservation and arrival. We respond almost immediately to all traveler inquiries and process the booking information and details

Villabound provides a seamless suite of automated guest communication tools and has implemented a state of the art electronic communication model to ensure that customers are kept in the light every step of the way. Villabound guests are able to book their villa online, once booked they will receive an automated confirmation email; this gives the guests the ability to request special options. They then receive an automated pre arrival email a few days prior to arrival.

We provide the ease and convenience associated with hotels without its limitations and generic feel. We offer efficient online check-in and check-out, concierge services, culinary services, house-keeping, and convenient and safe payment methods such as Paypal, Visa and other Major Credits. When we speak of ease and efficiency, our mission has been to make the Villabound Villa Hotel experience as easy as renting a holiday car.


Our packages are completely flexible in catering for the individual needs and expectations of the contemporary villa-renter. Throughout each step of the rental process, we have an amazing and efficient team of individuals and a suite of services and products available to ensure a hassle-free and enjoyable experience. At the very beginning of the process, we provide an informed and free concierge service which is a simply one of the best tools available in planning and tailoring a truly Caribbean Experience. Our villa packages can be customized to include fully pre-stocked fridges, chefs and even meal delivery from a selection of restaurants if desired. If you’re interested in unique Caribbean experience, perhaps diving off the coast of Barbados, culinary classes with a Barbadian Chef, Safari tours around the island, we will be sure to assist! If it is possible and you desire it, we will make it happen!

Revenue & Accounts Management and Booking System

We believe firmly in a model of transparency and as such, each of our owners will have up to the minute real time access to their villas revenue reports. Villabound understands how to adjust the pricing and yielding of vacation rental in Barbados. With this insider knowledge and experience, this helps us to maximize the income potential from the properties that we manage.

The Villabound Bookings Management system ensures that bookings are automatically updated ensuring that there’s no overlap. Our state of the art system also allows our villa owners to easily reserve bookings for them selves or their own guests. Our system then enables owners to view their current income generated for the year along with their projected earnings. After the guests have paid in full and completed the contracts, Villabound will pay you directly and efficiently which account for a 20% Booking fee for reservations secured through the Villabound model. We maintain an open relationship with our villa-owners and any concerns that you may have, we are ready and willing to address.

Full Property Management

We provide a high quality and consistent villa experience throughout the expanse of our villa offering. In order for our collection to meet international hospitality health and safety standards our trained team of specialists inspect each and every villa prior to each guests arrival. This is a mandatory service for all of the villas in our collection. This ensures that your product meets a consistent standard and that we are capable of providing quality assurance to the guests and quality assistance if necessary.

Also included in our guest management service is our 24/7 emergency contacts for guests to call should they need assistance.

This includes all of the above along with full staff and villa management. Our highly trained and experienced maintenance and management team will manage your villa. Our maintenance team provides a full suite of amenities including the best plumbing, electrical, tiling, gardening, painting, and house-keeping services hat years of experience in the field can find. Our management will ensure that staff provides professional and efficient service and handle their remuneration.

House Keeping Services

House keeping is only required prior to check in. All other house keeping services during the duration of the guest stay comes at an additional cost to the guest.

Owner Villa Maintence Expenses


We know how expensive electricity can be in Barbados and want to protect our owners in the best possible way. All of our guests will be given USD $100 per week or USD $14.00 per day electricity limit.

How do we calculate their daily/weekly electricity usage?

A reading of the meter is done as part of the pre arrival inspection, which is included in our guest management service. Our property managers record the exact usage prior to check in and at check out, the two figures are subtracted from each other and plugged into the light and power usage calculator which can be found at;

Barbados Light and Power Usage Calculator

Should the amount calculated exceed the USD $100 per week limit, the guests will be billed for the surcharge. This ensures that you the owner are not pushed to charge buffer fees to ensure you do not encounter a loss in the event of an exorbitant electricity bill while ensuring that the rates remain attractive and inviting and no more than the customer uses.

Another Reason to Join US!

Investment Opportunity

We are extremely passionate about Real Estate in Barbados and we believe in the fusion of both the Travel and Real Estate Industries. We believe that with this fusion, both industries can grow and thrive. We are confident that this fusion will not only create fantastic repeat holidays but will encourage further investment in both the local and foreign owned real estate industry. Not only will holiday homes now have the capacity to independently sustain themselves, but also, they can now be properly put into the bracket of a working investment. Villabound stands firmly behind our solid villa occupancy programs and we are confident that it will encourage further Villa Investment and Development of the Villa Industry in Barbados and the wider Caribbean by making villa ownership a viable and safe investment in terms of return.

Sealing the Deal- It’s All About the Relationships

Travel Agents

Villabound offers an integrated booking platform and word class marketing collateral that allows international travel agencies to easily represent our villa collection. We offer pricing parity through all channels, protected commissions, and access to availability and customer support of the highest professional levels. These are some of the reasons why we have attracted some of the largest international travel partners to represent our collection.

Powerful International Partnerships

When you join the Villabound Villa Hotel lineup, you don’t simply buy into an amazing team, you buy into a network of international proportions. Villabound has partnered with Virgin Holidays to bring a collection of holiday rental properties to the British Market. Our collection is being advertised in the 2013-2014 Virgin Holidays magazine of which 750,000 copies have been printed. The collection will also be sold in over 150 travel shops in the UK. Villabound therefore is a prime opportunity to get your property to this market segment with huge returns for you.

Join us!

The driving vision behind Villabound is optimal satisfaction for the traveller with an amazing product and prime occupancy rates for villa owners and resultant profits. Email us at or give us a call at (1 246) 262 5075 and join the Villabound Rockstar Collection and way of life.

Guest Referral Program for Villa Owners

Villabound is a regional Villa Hotel, which brings together villa rental properties throughout the Caribbean under one coherent umbrella. The Villabound Villa Hotel is revolutionary, cutting-edge and on the pulse of the future of the Caribbean Tourism Industry. We really believe in the value that Villas offer guests and we know that there is room for explosive growth in this sector.

Villabound, the Villa Hotel is indeed a virtual hotel with an online front desk which facilitates the needs of the modern guest with extreme efficiency while aggressively pursuing the highest occupancy rates possible for villa owners.

We have an offer, which will enable you to profit from guests that you have no room for due to prior confirmed bookings.

We know that as seasoned holiday rental owners, you have a great track record and a slew of repeat guests, which means that there are often times when you have to turn away guests especially at Christmas time because there is Simply “No Room at the Inn”

We at Villabound represent hundreds of owners and their villas and we still have beautiful villas and condos available for the Christmas period offering great value.

We are willing to pay a referral fee to you of USD $150.00 or 10% of our commission per booking for every confirmed booking that we make through one of your leads.

All you need to do is to forward the inquiry email to me personally at or send the prospective guest my email address.

The easiest way for us to send the money instantly is through pay pal but we could wire you the funds if necessary.

We look forward to partnering with you in the near future!

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