June 6, 2017

 Roaring Pavillion, Ocho Rios 

Layout: 5 bedrooms & 6.5 bathrooms

Living space: 9000 sq ft

  • Rate: $3,900.00 per night with a minimum stay of 5 nights
  • Tax:10%
  • Security deposit: $10,000.00

Photos: http://bit.ly/2rRyeeR

Roaring Pavilion & Spa is a world-class private home, known for its exquisite interior design, excellent staff and service, secluded private beach and luxurious amenities. Textures of teak, mahogany, coral, suede and linen adorn this beautiful home. Floor tiles are raw Parefeuille French terracotta. Exterior walls are custom-colored Italian limestone.  The Pavilion chandelier is from Italy; the dining room chandelier is from St. Remy de Provence. Bronze busts are from Germany. The cherub table in the vestibule and the putti lamps in Peacock Room are from Italy.


Cocosan Villa, Port Antonio

Layout: 6 bedrooms & 6.5 bathrooms

  • Rate: $4500.00 per night with a minimum stay of 3 nights
  • Tax: 10%
  • Service Fee: 10%
Cocosan is undeniably unique, and unmistakably Jamaican.Cloistered between the lush surrounds of San San Estates and the Caribbean Sea, this private hilltop oasis achieves the perfect balance of bespoke contemporary living housed within nature’s sanctuary. Seamlessly designed by Atelier Vidal, this newly built three-level home is a must-visit property not only in Port Antonio but in Jamaica and throughout the entire Caribbean. Cocosan features six generously portioned bedrooms – that can comfortably accommodate up to twelve guests – some with balconies offering stunning views of the sea and serene vistas for travelers seeking an authentic Jamaican experience. There is also a personal concierge on call throughout the duration of your stay.

Panorama Villa, Port Antonio

Layout: 4 bedrooms & 4 bathrooms
  • Rate: $3500.00 per night  with a minimum stay of 3 nights
  • Taxes:10%
  • Service Charge: 10%

Google Maps: http://bit.ly/2rIdQus ( not exact location, just area)

 More than a sublime island retreat, Panorama is a contemporary villa set on a half acre of naturally landscaped gardens. This self-contained haven boasts all the sophistication of modern global living while blending with the natural beauty of the island. A stunning 360-degree view of the serene John Crow and Blue Mountain peaks, the Caribbean Sea and a surrounding palette of lush vegetation with paved walkways and an open-air private parking area provide an idyllic backdrop for this Jamaican Eden. The perfect accommodation for groups or families, Panorama embodies all the warmth and authenticity of true Jamaican culture while catering to a sophisticated standard of service and accommodation.
Hummingbird House at The Tryall Club
Layout: 7 bedrooms & 7.5 bathrooms

Living space: 14000 sq ft on 4 acres

  • Rate: $2,575.00 per night with a minimum stay of 5 nights
  • Taxes:10%
  • Security deposit : $1200.00

Photos: http://bit.ly/2s0qCaC

Google Maps: http://bit.ly/2sOC1GL ( location of the Tryall Club)

Hummingbird House is a newly refurbished 14,000 square foot premier villa. Guests are greeted with an expansive 2,500 square foot colonial-style living room with a 180 degree view of clear blue water and sky. Additionally the property boasts a 50 foot long infinity pool.
Point of View at The Tryall Club
Layout: 5 bedrooms & 5 bathrooms
  • Rate: $3,636.00 per night with a 5 night minimum stay
  • Tax: 10 %
  • Security deposit: $5000.00

Google Maps:  http://bit.ly/2sOC1GL ( location of the Tryall Club)

Located on the highest point at the renowned Tryall Club, Point of View sits on one of the most spectacular sites in the Caribbean.  From its unique vantage point, a sweeping panorama stretches down the mountain and across the 18-hole championship golf course to the deep blue Caribbean and distant horizon.  Breathtaking at every turn.
Infinity at the Tryall Club
Layout: 5 bedrooms & 5.5 bathrooms
  • Rate: $1795.00 per night with a 5 night minimum stay
  • Service Charge: 10%
  • Security deposit: $1500.00

Photos: http://bit.ly/2s0ORWi

Googlemaps:  http://bit.ly/2sOC1GL ( location of the Tryall Club)

While extraordinarily private and placid, the villa is located in the tony community of the Tryall Club, named by Condé Nast on its Gold List of “the best places to stay in the whole world.” Belying its posh location, life at Infinity is in an environ of barefoot living between pool and hot tub, and easy excursions by golf cart between beach and mountain for sea and sun. In this casual ambiance, mealtimes are memorable. Linger late over candlelight dinners created by Infinity’s talented chef and served by your butler. A well-designed and fully-outfitted sunken bar adjoins the living room. Open on two sides, the bar provides access to thirsty guests in the living room and family room, and also from the hot tub, lawn and pool terrace.