March 11, 2017

 Coachella promises to be an unforgettable event, and this year will be no different! As the event itself draws nearer attendees and fans are further enticed and wooed with line up reveals and event features. These crowds are drawn from across the world seeking solely the aspects of true pleasure, enjoyment and the lifestyle Coachella brings. As such accommodation options are disappearing fast but we at Villabound still have a few tricks up our sleeves!

Disclaimer – We are about to reveal our best kept secret!

Sand Dunes is a brand new, never been lived in estate situated in the enviable neighbourhood of Rancho Mirage.

A masterpiece in its own right the 6,300 sq ft  property features large, sweeping rooms styled exquisitely with art deco and contemporary elements only to be ideally paired with dramatic finishes.

The estate is absolutely perfect for large groups boasting 7 bedrooms and bathrooms. With a fully equipped kitchen food lovers will find themselves lost preparing the perfect meal. For guests who have no desire to cook during their stay a hired chef will be equally impressed. Sand Dunes is an entertainers dream offering a variety of styled living spaces, media room as well a fabulous dining area.

The elegant, bold yet minimalist design is true throughout the property. This is especially apparent in the home’s 7 bedrooms. Adorned with white and neutral elements, each room is spacious offering an ideal sense of  comfort.

*We warn you, attending Coachella is only just enough to persuade you to leave these rooms!

Unlike the typical homes seen in this area, Sand Dunes unique interior elements set it apart. However one can argue that the properties true focal point is indeed its exterior! The fantastic landscaped grounds are eye-catching and the outdoor pool area is tantalizing enough to warrant remaining at the property forever!

Coachella ignites a fire in all its attendees and this home is sure to keep that fire stoked!


Note – The home is still available for both weekends. To confirm availability and exact rates please contact our Villa Specialists at [email protected]